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Summer is hot, the basement is cool


Happy August, non-readers :-)

It's been humid/sticky here in Minneapolis, but that only makes it the perfect time to record the bumper crop of new songs and instrumentals that you'll find on this site and on Facebook within a few weeks. Coming up next, Mahoopie. Also keep an eye out for more videos and tunes from the archives.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. TH

Back to songwriting


New stuff in the works. Not sure where it will all lead. In the interim, check out the lo-fi uploads on the music page...blasts from my past!

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Here's a great way to listen to a bunch of my songs, read a short bio and scan some excerpts from past reviews.

Songs are encouraged for use on Podcasts and audio blogs: it's all "pod safe", so have at it.


Red Giant is now available on


Red Giant is now available from

You can purchase the physical CD, download the entire album or purchase individual tracks. Just click the following link:


Red Giant - The new CD!



Story of Now! Records announces the upcoming release of Tom Hedrick's third solo album, Red Giant. Containing 10 personal and powerful songs, Tom's latest work balances sparse, chilling numbers with full force rockers.

A complete departure from his first solo album, 2002's "As If!", Red Giant expands upon the more direct approach heard on some of the 2008 album "Salads and Ballads". Check back to this site with official notice of availability on CD Baby and i-tunes.

Twin Cities Metro residents: Be sure to join Tom at the official release concert on November 7 at Edina Morningside Community Church. You'll receive your own copy of Red Giant with your paid admission!

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