Five foot stompin' rock songs about fast cars, tasty bacon, nasty breakups and hangovers in church! Listen now, and buy from:

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My new EP Pause For Cheese is a 5-Song CD coming November 1, 2012. The five songs are: "Goin' To Buffalo", "Hot Bacon", "Ascension Blues", "Goodbye Song" and "Thermometer". It will be available on CD Baby and iTunes, along with other download and streaming sites. You can also listen to all the songs from this site! Over and out! TH

Thanks for visiting the new site! Please let me know what you think of it! - Tom

Click the link on the "Video" page and you'll get to the official title track video for "2 Laws In 1 Day" on You Tube!

I'm taking a break from live shows for a bit after a busy autumn and early winter. I may be back at Adagio Café and other venues in the Spring, and will start working on some new songs, too.

My fifth CD, "2 Laws In 1 Day" is now officially released and ready for your listening pleasure! Please see the MY CDs page of this site to hear the songs....and BUY-BUY-BUY!!! :-)

My fifth album, 2 Laws In 1 Day, will be released November 5 with a live performance at Edina Morningside Church (See the calendar page for details).

For those who were somewhat mystified by the overt weirdness of "Mahoopie", you may be comforted that this is pretty much a straight up rock album. You really never know what I may conjure up! Here's the new album cover:


You can hear all the tracks right here on this site (Music Page), on my FaceBook Page, or on my CDBaby Artist Page:


Mahoopie, my fourth solo album has been officially released and will soon be available for purchase from CD Baby. Check back for the link soon, along with availability on iTunes.

Happy August, non-readers :-)

It's been humid/sticky here in Minneapolis, but that only makes it the perfect time to record the bumper crop of new songs and instrumentals that you'll find on this site and on Facebook within a few weeks. Coming up next, Mahoopie. Also keep an eye out for more videos and tunes from the archives.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. TH

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