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New album: Yimmer


It's here! My ninth solo release, Yimmer: 20 songs of power-pop, garage rock, and genre bending melodies all segued together and ready for your listening pleasure. You can listen to complete songs and buy the album on the Listen and Buy page of this website!

Cheers... Tom

Playin' Out Loud!


It's with pride and delight that I add to this website's playlist a new recording of a song written in 1979 by myself and my lifelong friend, Graham Howes. This song is titled Playin' Out Loud, and it was one of two originals that my very first band - Relayer - performed at gigs in Hamburg, NY 1979-1980.

The song originated with the guitar riff by Graham and the lyrics by me. A few years later, the third verse was changed by my older brother Bill Hedrick when we played the song in college together.

Anyway, Playin' Out Loud has finally been properly recorded. Through the wonders of the Internet and modern recording technology, Graham and I collaborated and played the various guitar parts. You'll hear Graham's guitar rhythms and solo predominately in the left channel, with my guitars panned to the right.

I sang all the vocals, played the bass guitar and put together the drum loops. I mixed and mastered the song with Graham's considerable input. There's something truly joyous about two friends finding ways to work together on a song they wrote as teenagers, and being able to issue the recording even while living hundreds of miles apart!

Happy summer to you all.


New Song... "Embrace The Suck!"


Here's a new song, Embrace The Suck! You can relate to this tune if you've ever been in a gigging band. Here are the lyrics:

Hey there kids, it’s a rock ‘n roll party

Everyone put on your glitter clothes!

There’s an awesome band playin’ at the show club

While you’re passin’ by, wave… don’t ya know?


Four guys on the stage are sweatin’

You know they had to haul some heavy gear

They had to be there early for a sound check

They pay to play and have to buy their beer


They wrote a bunch of songs for you

They sent a bunch of emails for the show

Now they’re singing for two drunks

And a lady waiting for some food to go


Hey there kids, it’s a rock ‘n roll party

It’s something that you really ought to see

If you go on in and pretend to pay attention

The band will hand out CDs to you free


The singer is so satisfied

He’s happy that they finally hit their goal

They have one hundred Facebook likes

Someone streamed one of his tunes in Mexico


They’re working on their chops, all right

Their guitarist learned some jazz licks on the fly

Listen to them sail now

Here they go! Here they go! Check ‘em out!


They’re waiting for that elusive call

For that mega, outdoor college spring fest gig

They paid to submit their MP3’s

To an A&R consultant with the bigs


Now they’re back in their hometown and giggin’

And hoping for a write up in a ‘zine

But the paper threw away the disc

And the critic doesn’t know  about that scene


And nobody cares about that frickin’ band

Nobody cares about that frickin’ band

Nobody cares about that frickin’ band

Nobody cares about that frickin’ band


Embrace The Suck! Music and Lyrics by Thomas B. Hedrick ©2015 Thomas B. Hedrick/Tom Hedrick Music (ASCAP)


Night Light Is Here!


It's official! Night Light, my 8th solo recording, is now out in the world and available for sale (physical CDs and downloads) and streaming. Here are links!

Purchase CD, of download album (full album or individual songs) from CD Baby:

Purchase full album or download individual songs from iTunes:

Steam songs on Spotify:Tom Hedrick

Night Light - December 1 release!


Greetings, all! As it now stands, I'm expecting Night Light, my 8th release overall and 7th full length album, to be officially released December 1. The exact date is contingent upon telling me that the record is up on their site and ready for sale. I also expect to hear from iTunes soon about availability on their store. More to come!

It's Tough To Keep Up


Here I muse briefly on the challenges of balancing the actual making of music with the art and science of independent promotion. 

Night Light


Hello... I am back and I know I need to update my site more often! Oops! Well, the next album will be titled Night Light, and I have a few songs already completed: "Early Morning Man", "Meet Me By That Stinky Tree", "Washboard", "A Song I Didn't Want", "Church Key" and "Mardi And Her Jet Pack". There are plenty more in the works! - TH

#Night Light

The Man In The Brown Suit Is Here!


After about a year and a half of on and off sessions, along with mixing and mastering… I'm delighted to announce the release of my seventh solo record, "The Man In The Brown Suit". While I remain proud of all my work, I honestly believe that this latest album is my best ever. The recording quality is among the best of the records - but more importantly - I feel that the songs are uniformly strong and focused.

I also think my overall playing and singing is at its best level on this collection. I applied my learning from previous albums, particularly "Red Giant" and "Mahoopie!" into songs that nicely combine a classic power-pop structure with some adventurous arrangements that tested my songwriting in new and exciting ways. For evidence of this, be sure to check out "Pencil", a song that many people close to me are calling out as a new favorite.

Two other songs, "What Kind Of Man" (featuring the real sound of a metal stamping machine as the percussion) and "Dear Faye" have multiple sections that you may find intriguing.

I hope you find the upbeat assortment of songs here pleasing to your ears. Thank you for your support through the years as I continue to issue new music for you to enjoy.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2014 for all good people.

- Tom

New Songs Added


I have to admit that I've been doing a better job of updating my ReverbNation and Facebook pages than spending time keeping this site current. This is everything that internet experts tell us NOT to do. So today I added a few newer songs that you may enjoy. They're at the top of the list on the "Listen and Download" page. New songs include: "Waiting", "What Kind Of Man", "Coffee And Cake" and "Walking Down The Grain". Enjoy!

New Video! "Snowed In"


Well, we had a ton of fun last weekend and over the past few evenings shooting footage for my new video, "Snowed In". Now, after three sessions of fast and furious's live on YouTube and ready for your enjoyment.

See me play the snow shovel! See me impersonate a TV weatherman! See me get pelted with snowballs! All this cinematic fun comes to you absolutely free!

Simply click the link to my video page to see for yourself.

Cheers, Tom

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