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New album! Winter Breaks

Big news! I released another album, Winter Breaks, just a few weeks ago.

Is it power pop? Is it a prog album? Is it a jazz-rock-punk mashup suite? What about that song that seems like it would fit on The Beach Boys Pet Sounds? What's going on here?

"Every song on "Winter Breaks" is a jewel in a crowning achievement of greatness. As a whole the album is truly nothing short of a masterpiece… a rare occurrence in the world of music these days!" - Adam Nicholson Music



You can listen to the entire album and buy from CDBaby right from this site's Listen and Buy page, or CLICK HERE.



You can also purchase it from iTunes or listen to it on Spotify



"Every track tells the story of what is the life inspiration of this amazing musician. It goes far beyond influences, just like if the musicianship and his incredible electric guitar tecnique has met the way to try -at least- to solve what Burroughs called the human hieroglyphs of love and suffering. A gem to be played over and over again." - Fernando Garcin/CDBaby review

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