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New Album Out Now! Mush with Vegetable Pieces

My 11th official solo release is now available for listening here... Mush with Vegetable Pieces. I'm very proud of this album. Most of the tracks are instrumental and are rather free form. I think of it as a fusion of free jazz and prog, but some of the 'ol garage rock somehow makes its way through, too! Simply go to the LISTEN page and there it is! This is a digital album (not on physical CDs) and can be purchased from CD BABY straight from this site. It's also available from iTunes, and it can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Of the two vocal songs, one is a church hymn and the other is, oh shall we say, poking fun at a certain orange man who loves Twitter?

If my writing here hasn't convinced you, pay heed to these reviews! Peace... Tom

 "So much fun that I forgot to take my lunch out of the car!" - Denny from Champaign, IL

"I'll never listen to another album again, that's how upending and inspirational this was for me" - Sandy B. from Cornwall, UK

"Anyone who's had the pleasure of listening to your music now has expanded their meaning of the word pleasure beyond fast food and binge watching The Food Network." - Grant I. from Lancaster, CA

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