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by Tom Hedrick

Released 2015
Story of Now! Records
Released 2015
Story of Now! Records
Melodic power pop-punk-rock that sounds like The Beatles Abbey Road, The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, Ramones and Velvet Underground all mashed together!
Yimmer is the ninth solo release by Tom Hedrick, the noted and acclaimed power pop songsmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This fine album can best be described as equal parts Beatles, Brian Wilson, Ramones and The Velvet Underground, with a touch of Zappa, Miles Davis and Captain Beefheart thrown in for a bit of fun and unexpected U-Turns!

Most of the songs segue effortlessly into each other, creating an engaging journey through the entire record. In fact, the heart of Yimmer is a song suite reminiscent of The Beatles' Abbey Road side two, with a number of the tunes clocking in at a minute or less. This particular section of Yimmer is a wild roller coaster ride of power pop, hard core punk, country and music hall that's irresistible, memorable and sure to please.

Hedrick wrote all the songs and played all the instruments, as well as producing and mastering the album. The sole exception is the final song, Playin' Out Loud. This garage rock anthem was written by Hedrick and his life-long friend Graham Howes back in 1979 when they played in their very first band. Additional lyrics were later added by Tom's brother, Bill Hedrick - and he is thus credited as well. A perfect ending to a practically perfect album. - Jeff Skyline/US 40 Zine

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