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Winter Breaks

by Tom Hedrick

Released 2016
Released 2016
Power Pop, Prog, Jazz and Punk all mashed together for your enjoyment. Like Lou Reed, Miles Davis, Brian Wilson and Robert Fripp forming a band!
Is it power pop? Is it a prog album? Is it a jazz-rock-punk mashup suite? What about that song that seems like it would fit on The Beach Boys Pet Sounds? What's going on here? Winter Breaks is the 10th solo release by the Minneapolis indie recording artist Tom Hedrick, and it's a wonderfully mind-bending, sonically delightful experience.

"Every song on "Winter Breaks" is a jewel in a crowning achievement of greatness. As a whole the album is truly nothing short of a masterpieceā€¦ a rare occurrence in the world of music these days!" - Adam Nicholson Music

"Like Miles meets meets Revolution 9 meets Zappa meets Hunter S. Thompson meets Kerouac meets the Little Rascals... genius. An experimental triumph... like the rhapsody in blue of experimental rock. - Derek Damico, The Magneto Flobe

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