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Toothbrush Machine Music

by Tom Hedrick

Released 2018
Story of Now! Records
Released 2018
Story of Now! Records
Uninhibited free-form jazz prog, performed with gusto and topped with the sonic delights of an actual electric toothbrush!
I decided to test myself and see if I could create a completely improvised long-form musical piece. My determination was to sit down and genuinely capture and keep every note played and discover how it would turn out. What you'll hear on this record is the result of this exercise. There are no re-takes, no "fixes", no tricks.

The record takes its inspiration in part from Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music (1975) and Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz (1960). I reckon that my result is more tuneful than the former, and hopefully a suitable cousin to the latter. Thank you, Mr. Reed and Mr. Coleman, for inspiring me to create something beyond my comfort zone.

The recording, June 2 and 3; June 9 and 10, 2018 - The Curve, Minneapolis Minnesota:

This album was recorded using Apple Logic Studio X. I began by dragging in a number of drum loops into a timeline of a little more than an hour in length. Then I played a continuous piano part all the way through over the loops. After that, I tracked the synth horns, and then fretless electric bass. That was the total of two days of sessions during the first weekend of June 2018.

The following weekend saw completion of the album you now hear. I overdubbed a couple of electric guitar parts, along with some synth pads that are panned far left and right. I then added a number of segments of electric toothbrush. In some cases I recorded just the sound of the device, and in some instances I'm actually brushing my teeth (!) Three of the toothbrush tracks have added effects for delay, distortion and dynamic boost.

The final recorded parts come courtesy of my daughter, who was kind enough to contribute some flute parts scattered throughout the program. I'm absolutely pleased with her contributions to this project.

Personnel and Instrumentation:

Emily Hedrick: Flute
Tom Hedrick: Yamaha Clavinova (Piano, Midi Horns, Synths), Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar, Fender Jazz Bass (Fretless), Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush, Drums on Demand Apple Loops (Real drum snippets, assembled by me as the spirit moved me).

In closing, this music is not for everyone. However, if you enjoy freestyle music played with passion and joy - and a strange sense of fearlessness - then maybe this one will find a home in your collection or favorite playlist.

Thank you,
Tom Hedrick
Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 2018

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