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The Man in the Brown Suit

by Tom Hedrick

Released 2013
Story of Now! Records
Released 2013
Story of Now! Records
Gloriously ringing guitar power pop songs with plenty of delightful harmonies, in the tradition of acts like The Who, Big Star and The Jam.
The Man In The Brown Suit is the seventh solo release from Minneapolis-based power popper Tom Hedrick. Known for his joyful and downright toe-tapping guitar rock songs, Tom brings the catchy choruses and driving rhythms to full throttle on this fine record.

Right from the mersey-beat opening of "Shock Of My Life", surprises and delights are to be found everywhere within this 14-song collection. Listen to the gorgeous, moody sweep of "Coffee And Cake" with its delicate horns and strings. Marvel in the avant-pop spectacle of "What Kind Of Man", complete with the backing rhythm of an actual metal stamping machine! Take in the jangling, cascading guitar gems "November" and "Mister B".

There's country-stylings to be found on the pleasing "Snowed In", and a magnificent mash up of piano balladry and 1970's progressive rock on the ambitious "Pencil". Be sure to check out the jazz and blues masterstroke of the album's closer, "Dear Faye", where the guitars and bass duel to the very last bar. A grand finish to a grand album!

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