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Salads and Ballads

by Tom Hedrick

Released 2008
Freedom of Speech Records
Released 2008
Freedom of Speech Records
Really great songs. Guitar rock in the best '70's tradition.
This is a great album.

Tom Hedrick (formerly of The Fitsners) returns with his second solo outing "Salads and Ballads". Whereas 2002's "As If" focused on humor, "Salads and Ballads" encompasses more varied lyrical themes from the somber "Sunday Dinner" to the wistful "A Picture of the World". Some humorous touches remain, particularly on "Save the Penny" and "Oh Dear, Pluto!".
Hedrick is joined on this record by Lori Shepard, a versatile Alto/Soprano who adds just the right harmonic touches to all the selections. Shepard is featured in a lovely solo performance of "Happy Isn't Satisfied".

For those who though "As If" just a bit too cheeky but otherwise admired the song craft, "Salad and Ballads" is just the right dose of hooky rock/pop.

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