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Red Giant

by Tom Hedrick

Released 2009
Story of Now! Records
Released 2009
Story of Now! Records
Compelling, haunting songs of loss and hope, driven by great rock hooks, big guitars and first rate singing.
Red Giant is the third solo album by Tom Hedrick, and it's an altogether more serious record than his previous releases. It nicely balances the tension between straight ahead rock and more thoughtful acoustic numbers, and the melodic potency for which Hedrick is known is always present. Standout songs include "Snowflake", as heart rending a rock song as anyone will ever write, and "Fire At The Lab", which is surely Hedrick's most ambitious composition and arrangement to date. The album closes with "Anywhere", a classic rock/pop song in the Badfinger/Big Star tradition, with generous helpings of harmonies, guitars and horn textures. The songs throughout the CD are rich, heartfelt and encourage repeat listening. Extremely well produced and performed, Red Giant is Hedrick's most unified and satisfying release.

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