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Night Light

by Tom Hedrick

Released 2014
Story of Now! Records
Released 2014
Story of Now! Records
A potent mix of rock, punk, power pop, and avant-garde jazz stylings from this one-man band. Catchy, funny, touching and absolutely energetic songs!
Night Light is the seventh full length solo album - and eighth solo release overall - by the versatile and endlessly inventive Tom Hedrick. This time out, Tom shares a more varied palette of sounds and styles without losing his emphasis on songs with strong melodic structures.

Songs like "Kate!", "Mardi & Her Jet Pack" and "Early Morning Man" are high energy, punkish songs that still manage a sing-a-long, hooky vibe that begs for repeat listens. Avant-garde and jazz stylings are evident on a number of the tracks, particularly "Washboard", an outright surreal opus that moves from a blue-grass party straight into Zappa/Beefheart-esque soundscapes that lead into a sonic abyss of pure delight.

Shades of Big Star Third can be heard on the abstract "A Song I Didn't Want", while other songs like "Church Key" and "Crown Vic" are straight up pop-rockers.

Night Light concludes with the heartfelt tribute "For Miss Brooks", as touching a song as Hedrick has ever composed or sung. Alongside his excellent 2013 power pop album The Man In The Brown Suit, Nightlight is as fine a record as can be heard in Tom Hedrick's extensive discography, and well worth adding to your collection.

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