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by Tom Hedrick

Released 2010
Story Of Now! Records
Released 2010
Story Of Now! Records
A wonderfully eccentric soundtrack for a non-existent movie. This record will delight you with a mix of hard prog rock, light and dark synth orchestral pieces, post-bop jazz guitar rave-ups and oddball chants
Mahoopie! is a soundtrack for a movie that begs to be made. Primarily instrumental, it tells the story of a hapless door-to-door office supply salesman who finds peace and happiness as the new care giver for a group of child-like goblins.

This is the fourth, and most adventurous album yet, by Tom Hedrick. The record swings wildly and unexpectedly from the hot guitar swing of the title track to the King Crimson-like thrash of "Conflict In the Workplace" all the way to the orchestral waltz grandeur of "Dance Of the Goblins". Deliciously melodic, inventive and happily unpredictable, Mahoopie! is a record full of sonic twists and turns that begs repeated listening. Enjoy!

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