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Kinda Sorta

by Tom Hedrick

Released 2019
Story of Now!
Released 2019
Story of Now!
Eclectic and varied, as though Todd Rundgren and Captain Beefheart teamed up for an album!
Songs about eating in the car, cough syrup, restroom cops, mythic dogs, mystery tacos, seasonal coffee drinks, butt dialing, and so much more.

Thirty one tracks! One Minneapolis, Minnesota musician playing all the instruments and singing his stories! Guest vocalists! A manifesto of satire, cynicism and indifference for the modern age!

"I listened, I loved, I laughed, I wept. Mr. Hedrick's multi-instrumental prowess and wry lyricism are refreshing in the on-going battle against sterile factory music. I can best describe this as Todd Rundgren, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, and Paul McCartney forming a super group. Out of this world!" - Culver Monroe, Zeep/Zap

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